Thematic Clusters

Perspectives on health and well-being in nursing

Guest Editorial - Perspectives on health and well-being in nursing
Henrika Jormfeldt

Prepare the patient for future challenges when facing hemodialysis: nurses’ experiences
Anna Sturesson, Kristina Ziegert

Problematization of perspectives on health promotion and empowerment in mental health nursing –within the research network “MeHNuRse” and the Horatio conference, 2012
Patrik D. Jönsson, Håkan Nunstedt, Inger J. Berglund, Britt H. Ahlström, Birgitta Hedelin, Ingela Skärsäter, Henrika Jormfeldt

Relatives’ experiences of the Boston Psychiatric Rehabilitation approach: A qualitative study
Henrika Jormfeldt, Bengt Svensson, Lars Hansson, Petra Svedberg

Clients’ experiences of the Boston Psychiatric Rehabilitation Approach: A qualitative study
Henrika Jormfeldt, Bengt Svensson, Lars Hansson, Petra Svedberg

Music, health and well-being

Music, health and well-being
Marie Strand Skånland

Music, health, and well-being: A review
Raymond A.R. MacDonald

Can music serve as a ''cultural immunogen''? An explorative study
Even Ruud

Everyday music listening and affect regulation: The role of MP3 players
Marie Strand Skånland

How musical engagement promotes well-being in education contexts: The case of a young man with profound and multiple disabilities
Katrina S. McFerran, Helen Shoemark

''Musical co-creation''? Exploring health-promoting potentials on the use of musical and interactive tangibles for families with children with disabilities
Karette Stensæth

Improvisation and meaning
Simon Gilbertson

''Time after time'': A Quali-T method for assessing music's impact on well-being
Tia DeNora

Health and Caring - from a European perspective

Guest Editorial
Karin Dahlberg

Kinds of well-being: A conceptual framework that provides direction for caring
Kathleen T. Galvin and Les Todres

Intertwining caring science, caring practice and caring education from a lifeworld perspective - two contextual examples
Ulrica Hörberg, Lise-Lotte Ozolins and Margaretha Ekebergh

Lifeworld-led care: Is it relevant for well-being and the fifth wave of public health action?
Ann Hemingway

Exploring the development of a cultural care framework for European caring science
John W. Albarran, Elizabeth Rosser, Shirley Bach, Lisbeth Uhrenfeldt, Pranee Lundberg and Kate Law


Health and Lifestyle

Introduction to a new book about health, lifestyle, and health promotion
Lillemor Hallberg

Hunting for health, well-being, and quality of life
Ove Svensson and Lillemor Hallberg

Dietary Advice on Prescription: A novel approach to dietary counseling
Gunnar Johansson

Gambling: Electronic friends or a threat to one's health and personal development?
Ove Svensson

Maintaining families' well-being in everyday life
Kristina Ziegert

Supporting positive dimensions of health, challenges in mental health care
Henrika Jormfeldt

In what direction should we go to promote health in mental health care?
Petra Svedberg