Volume 7 (2012)

Empirical Studies

Trying to cope with everyday life - Emotional support in municipal elderly care setting Margaretha Norell Pejner, Kristina Ziegert, Annica Kihlgren
The influence of living conditions on adolescent girls’ health Margaretha Larsson, Annelie Johansson Sundler, Margaretha Ekebergh
Patient decision making in the face of conflicting medication information Emily Elstad, Delesha M. Carpenter, Robert DeVellis, Susan J. Blalock
Suffering caused by care - Patients’ experiences from hospital settings Mia Berglund, Lars Westin, Rune Svanström, Annelie Johansson Sundler
Understanding everyday life of morbidly obese adults-habits and body image Bjørg Christiansen, Lisbet Borge, May Solveig Fagermoen
‘‘Peers, parents and phones’’ - Swedish adolescents and health promotion Anna-Karin Lindqvist, Catrine Kostenius, Gunvor Gard
Struggling for existence - Life situation experiences of older persons with mental disorders Gunilla Martinsson, Ingegerd Fagerberg, Christina Lindholm, Lena Wiklund-Gustin
Cancer patients’ experiences of using an Interactive Health Communication Application (IHCA) Gro H. Grimsbø, Gunn H. Engelsrud, Cornelia M. Ruland, Arnstein Finset
Being in want of control: Experiences of being on the road to, and making, a suicide attempt Katarina Skogman Pavulans, Ingrid Bolmsjö, Anna-Karin Edberg, Agneta Öjehagen
Appetite and falls: Old age and lived experiences Marianne Mahler, Anneli Sarvimäki

Empirical/theorethical Studies

Medication use in the context of everyday living as understood by seniors Ann Holroyd, Britt Vegsund, Peter H. Stephenson, Rosanne E. Beuthin